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Settled on a timeline at the beginning of the XX century, "VREMEPLOV" exibits a numerous artifacts from our family collection dating back to the turn of the XIX to the XX century.

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VREMEPLOV 100% Arabica mixture which you can drink only at "VREMEPLOV". Soft coffee with small percentage of caffeine.

HAUSBRANDT An Arabica and Robusta mixture.

SEGAFREDO An Arabica and Robusta mixture.

ILLY 100% Arabica. Illy coffee is made from the best sorts of coffee beans. It contains less than 90 mg of caffeine per cup, which is half of amount in other brands of coffee. This is the only coffee brand that is imported by Brazil.


DANESI DOPIO 100% Arabica. Dopio is the best of all Danesi mixtures. It is created by a careful selection of every coffee bean.


WIENER COFFEE espresso, cream, cinnamon.

CREAM COFFEE espresso, sweet cream

MELANGE COFFEE espresso, milk

WIENER MALANGE COFFEE espresso, milk, cream

MOZART COFFEE espresso, Cherry Brandy, cream

WINTER COFFEE espresso, chocolate liquor, coconut liquor, milk foam

BACARDI MOCCA espresso, Bacardi

BUDAPEST COFFEE espresso, Zwac Unicum

CAFE D'AMOUR espresso, Cointreau, cacao powder, cinnamon

COFFEE KIRSCH espresso, Kirschschnaps, ice, sugar

COFFEE CAFE espresso, Galla Cafe liquor

SALIERI COFFEE espresso, Jamaica Allspice, cinnamon

DANUBE COFFE espresso, Brandy, Porto Rico Rum, lemon skin

COACH COFFEE espresso, rum

CAPPUCCINO MOZART cappuccino, Mozart liquor, cinnamon, cacao powder

BIEDERMEIER COFFEE espresso, apricot liquor, cream, Biedermeier crumbs

KAHULA COFFEE espresso, Irish Whiskey, sugar, sweet cream

MARIA THERESIA COFFEE espresso, orange liquor, cream

JAMAICA COFFEE espresso, Jamaica Rum, Cointreau

HAVANA COFFEE espresso, coconut liquor, Jamaica Rum, cream

AMERICAN COFFEE espresso, Jack Daniels

FRENCH COFFEE espresso, french cognac, flambe

MARGILOMAN COFFEE espresso, franch cognac

RUSSIAN COFFEE espresso, Smirnoff, flambe

BERLINER COFFEE double espresso, vanilla icecream, cream

MONARCHIA COFFEE espresso, Bailey's, hot milk

COFFE ON ICE espresso, crushed ice, sugar powder, lemon juice, cognac, slice of orange

ICE COFFEE nescafe, vanilla icecream, milk, cream

ENGLISH COFFEE espresso, scotch whiskey, vanilla icecream

IRISH COFFEE double espresso, irish whiskey, sugar, sweet cream

MAZAGRAN COFFEE espresso, crushed ice, sugar powder, french cognac

HUMPHREY BOGART espresso, Camel without a filter tip, a match

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